September 2023

Hangzhou Asian Games – 2023

Hangzhou, China September 2023 — The Hangzhou Asian Games, the largest and most comprehensive sports event in Asia, kicked off with a bang at its spectacular opening ceremony. This grand event showcased the seamless integration of advanced technology across all aspects of the Games, and BARNFIND’s groundbreaking products and solutions took the spotlight, playing a pivotal role in the main signal transport infrastructure.

The International Broadcast Center’s (IBC) Contribution, Distribution & Transmission (CDT) center, serving as the nerve center for signal dispatching and distribution, harnessed the power of BARNFIND’s innovative technology. The core optical transmission system at the heart of the IBC CDT center featured 30 pairs of 4K12G optical transmission and 30 pairs of 3G optical transmission. This cutting-edge infrastructure ensured the conference benefited from high-quality, reliable, and stable transmission throughout the Games.

From the moment construction began until the closing ceremony, this system operated flawlessly for over a month, employing both point-to-point and point-to-concentrator modes. BARNFIND’s multi-directional transmission and matrix dispatching capabilities were fully utilized, delivering an unparalleled optical transmission system that upheld the highest standards of quality, stability, and reliability. SMT (Shanghai Media Tech), representing the Host Broadcasters, praised the exceptional performance of BARNFIND’s products and expressed a keen interest in future collaborations.

Furthermore, BARNFIND’s remote transmission and production system demonstrated its prowess during the marathon event and rowing & canoeing competitions. The signal transmission proved to be exceptionally stable and reliable, garnering praise from users and spectators alike.

The Hangzhou Asian Games, with its emphasis on technological excellence, has once again showcased China’s prowess in hosting world-class sporting events. BARNFIND’s pivotal role in ensuring seamless signal transmission and distribution at this prestigious event highlights the company’s commitment to innovation and reliability in the field of sports broadcasting technology.

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