BarnMini-05 Firmware Changelog


  • Add support for UMD v5.0 clients
  • UMD v4.0 and TSL Tally TCP client – delay between transmits could go down to 0 ms


  • Update TCP/IP-stack


  • GPI.2 and GPI.3 got swapped in firmware v1.2.16, reverse this back
  • GPO.3 and GPO.4 got swapped in firmware v1.2.16, reverse this back
  • When BarnStudio connected to BarnMini-05, it would receive the wrong value for “TSL tally Server”, “Input 3”
  • Make TSL client and UMD clients respond faster when GPI changed


  • Added new UART mode of operation, “RS485 no echo”
  • TCP/IP stack update


  • Workaround for errata in network chip – Sometimes after powerup, device could not communicate on TCP/IP


  • Try to be able to work with more 10/100/1000Mbit/s copper SFP modules
  • Increase performance for the UART
  • TCP/IP stack update


  • Odd/Even serial parameters did not work as intended. Old version of firmware would send 7 bit only of data if enabled
  • Odd/Even serial parameter and DMX-mode was stored at the same configuration location, causing possible invalid settings to be loaded at restarts. Please set parity to “None” and operation mode to “RS422/485” before reboot/upgrade with firmware older than v1.2.10 to ensure proper operation.


  • Fixed a potential double-free (causing software crash)
  • “non-standard” IPv4 netmasks did not report correct in the IP status report
  • 100Mbit/s speed when using RJ-45 copper SFP is now configured using autonegotiate instead of force. Some network equipment did not work properply in the former mode of operation


  • Clicking “Download network configuration” inside BarnStudio, could lock-up the BarnMini-05, if the download reverted to the multicast back-up protocol (device not able to connect using TCP due to missmatch of IP network address)


  • Ping client (can control GPO pins)
  • TSL tally client had incorrect encoding if all tallies was set in message
  • TSL UMD server and TSL Tally server sent diagnostic entries to wrong BarnStudio clients, if multiple BarnStudio clients was connected, causing syntax error and reconnect of BarnStudio clients
  • Initial support for DMX output (using ArtNet protocol)
  • RS 422/485 RX could lock up if receiving noise


  • A bug caused the unit to always start up the DHCPv4 client every time link was detected, regardless of what mode the user has configured
  • Did not respond to searches on multicast IPv6 local scope