BarnStudio Changelog


  • BarnStudio was unable to forget about UDP ports in Services tab
  • Add UMD v5.0 clients to BarnMini-05 (firmware v1.2.19)


  • Update .NET version from 4.6 to 4.8
  • Disable the prediction when typing IP-address, it made it hard to type


  • Update the Icons.
  • BTF1-41, removing daughterboards didn’t work as expected


  • Multicast discovery could fail to receive some if BTF1-xx frame if of these criteria are true:
    • Firmware prior to v1.2.3
    • No IPv4 address is assigned
    • Only IPv4 multicast is used


  • Do not display “Hostname can not be empty” when creating network configuration for older devices.


  • Add Matrix LockDown (requires new firmware on BTF1-x frames).
  • In the service tab, as clients were disconnected, BarnStudio GUI wasn’t updated.


  • Network settings: if a device has support for Hostname setting, give a visual error if left empty and if creating a new configuration, prefill it with a valid text.


  • Add support for configuring BTF1-xx firmware 1.0.x NTP-server, Hostname and 802.1x authentication.
  • When using groups in the Devices view, restarting BarnStudio would cause devices to go invisible


  • BTF1-41 now supports OneShot and toggling GPO


  • BTF1-10-AA-MADI visual tool now shows and can manipulate the main matrix in the frame
  • Input and Output port list tabs can now show and can manipulate the main matrix in the frame
  • Support for BTF1-xx Tally Client (you might need to restart BarnStudio if you recently update the firmware in a frame to display this)


  • BarnMini-05 has a new UART mode of operation, “RS485 no echo”


  • New BTF1-xx firmware now report uptime
  • New BTF1-xx firmware, has changed a detail in the signal analyzer API (SD-SDI can ignore EDH errors)


  • Tooltip in the network configuraion dialog is now more userfriendly
  • “Services” tab, which will be visible after the release of BTF1 0.5.0 firmware


  • Total redesign of device tree, now supports MultiSelect/MultiDelete
  • Extra device online status moved from device list, into the “Basic information” tab
  • “Take Indefinitely” is now an option
  • “TSL Tally Server” added for BTF1 frames


  • Improve support for BTF1-41 and its SFP daughterboard
  • BTF1-10AA AudioMatrix did not work as expected in previous release
  • Initial support for BTF1-xx TSL tally server
  • Visual indication in the “Multicast Search Scope” if a network adapter is active or not
  • Auto take now has a new time limit: indefinitely
  • Load/Save dialogs have tri-state support per include option now
  • Device list has a complete overhaul


  • BarnMini-05 now has fewer possible TCP/IP concurrent connections on UART
  • BTF1-10AA audio matrix was no longer able to change the audio matrix


  • BarnMini-22 can now be connected via SNMP
  • For remote connected devices, the “network configuration” view would remember the previous selected device (until New or Download) was clicked


  • BarnMini-22 v1.0.7 firmware reconnects on reclocker status changes


  • Automatic software update, didn’t understand that version 1.10 is larger than 1.9


  • Use .NET version 4.6 instead of 4.0. This removes support for Windows XP and Windows Vista.
  • Minor tweaks to the UI, and added some more tooltips
  • Network configuration file editor now points out that you should download the configuration from the device
  • BarnStudio can now check for software and firmware updates
  • Added support for BTF1-41, including a GPIO script editor
  • Fixes in the Load configuration to device feature


  • BarnMini-05 GPIO Close/Open button didn’t work anymore


  • Start-Menu is now placed inside “All Users” instead of the current user
  • SwitchBack To Main was not possible to disable inside AutomaticChangeOver dialog
  • Add the posibility to Load/Save configurations of BTF1 frames to/from files
  • Show SFP RX/TX power when viewing Input/Output tab
  • Add support for BarnMini-22


  • Support for BTF1-10-AA-MADI frame
  • Support for Ping-Client inside BarnMini-05
  • Support to select DMX-512 as UART serial mode in BarnMini-05
  • Support for display OM4 fiber lengths for SFP modules
  • Fix some crashes that could happen when removing BTF1 SNMP devices
  • UI for Telnet-Driver devices go out of sync with device config, fixed (trigged by doing multiple changes to same parameter without “Take”, and at some time reconnect the device)
  • Reusing an old device in the device tree to connect to a new different device, failed to give the proper error-message in the log.


  • The application now has a dark theme on versions of Windows
  • Control of the LED behind the logo on the new mechanical frames
  • Support for BarnMini-05
  • Telnet devices, the take list could go out of sync when frame multiple clients configured the same parameters at the exact same time
  • Display firmware version on the basic information time
  • Factory reset button for BarnMini-05 and BTF1-x (telnet driver)


  • Do not crash when trying to spawn IPv6 connection to a Telnet enabled device on non-IPv6 enabled systems


  • Fallback to multicast when configuring network did not work for BTF1-x telnet protocol


  • Support for BTF1-x telnet protocol (new discovered frames with new firmware will use this protocol)
  • Some rare occasions of “unhandled exception” was fixed
  • Display automatic changeover (requires new firmware on the BTF1-x frame)


  • Internal redesign, making future changes easier
  • All configuration changes now needs to be acknowledged, but can be temporary bypassed.
  • BarnStudio now remembers devices between sessions
  • New UI for adding non-discoverable / remote devices
  • Matrix sometimes could appear empty first time per device, fixed
  • Display SDI analyzer if BTF1-xx firmware is new enough


  • BarnStudio assumed it would always find an IPv6 scope to use, even on systems that did not provide IPv6 support


  • Network tab can now display the log generated from a BTF1-XX frame


  • Alphabetically sorting of SFP properties and diagnostics
  • Improve the responsiveness of the matrix view


  • Matrix view has a new design
  • Support for SNMP traps (new feature in latest BTF1-xx firmware)
  • Various bugfixes