The BarnMini series

The BarnMinis are ideal for standalone solutions and solve everything from a simple task to more comprehensive solutions. BarnMinis can be used in conjunction with other Barnfind products to empower complete distributed systems in larger facilities.


Optical changeover switch

The BarnMini series are made of robust materials in an elegant design. BarnMini-06 is an optical changeover switch that is controlled by a GPO signal. BarnMini-05, BTF1-41 or 3rd party products may be used to control the switch.

A typical application is to select between two different redudant fiber paths.

All BarnMini modules can be used as a standalone box or in a more sophisticated system with BarnOne or BarnColor.

Technical Specifications

Optical ports
• LC/PC connectors
• Operating Wavelength 850-1620nm
• Fiber type: Single Mode
• Insertion Loss <1,2dB
• Wavelength dependant loss <0,3dB
• Polarisation dependant loss 0,05dB
• Crosstalk >35dB
• Return loss >35dB

Optical switch
• Switching time <10ms (typically 4ms)
• Max. switching cycles 10.000

GPI port
• RJ45 connector with 4x GPI wired parallel, non latching

Power supply
• 12-24V DC, power supply included

Physical size
• 92mm x 98mm x 22mm
• 200g

Ordering code:
• BarnMini-06





Spare PSU for BarnMini series (stand-alone)

The BarnMini frame

BTF-Mini-16, is a housing with space for up to 16 x BarnMini modules of any kind.

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